Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nelspruit - Joburg - Cape Town

So let's pick up where we left off shall we? Nelspruit and headed to the Jock and Java in my Bafana Bafana top to cheer on the boys. A valiant effort but not good enough in the end to progress to the next round. The pub is truly awesome though, good food and great atmosphere, a must for any traveller.

As for the safari the following morning... eeek. Open top Hilux with 9 of us in the back, except me who somehow managed to ride up the front. It was freezing! We got picked up at 5am and drove to Kruger National Park. How's this, before lunch time, we had already seen 4 of the Big Five! Two Lions just walked out onto the road in front of our car and casually strolled up the path. Just breathtaking to see these beautiful creatures hanging out as brothers do. As this was just a day trip we couldn't actually drive off the tracks, so we were limited to seeing heaps and heaps of animals. If i come back i will definitely go to a private game park and camp out for a few days. Time was just a factor. However, i am really happy to have seen Buffalo, Zebras, Giraffes, Lions, Hyena and it's little baby cub, Elephants (one baby), Wilderbeast, and heaps of Springbok.

As for the game that night. Nothing will top the atmosphere and excitement for me for a long time. Our tickets were up the top of the stadium and we watched the first half from there. Luckily some mate had spare seats in front of them pretty much at the edge of the box (Socceroos scoring end). When Timmy Cahill nailed that header, woah, massive, beer was thrown everywhere and there were quite a few men shrieking with delight. It was a shame that we didn't progress to the round of 16 but damn we looked good when we actually had 11 on the pitch. The Aussie supporters showed their true love of the Socceroos by staying back after the match and gave the guys a standing ovation and there were a few choruses of Waltzing Matilda still echoing from the game which was nice.

We had been lucky with transport to and from the game in our last few matches but this one was a NIGHTMARE. The wait for the bus was probably 2 hours. Somehow, Jason, who has a gift, he just makes things happen, organised a mini bus and we were all heading back to the Jock and Java for a night of reminising and maybe a few hugs with fellow dissapointed aussies.

The reply of the game that night on the big screens had everybody feeling the same rushes of emotion all over again It was truly amazing. Later in the evening, after a little bit of encouragement, i jumped on the microphone and sang an ode to the socceroos and the coach. Betterman - Pearl Jam. "Can't find a better man". He clearly was not the right man for the job.

Had a quiet day reading by the pool the next day before flying back to Joburg and having another night out with Ed. We went to Melville, acccidently walked into a gay bar, who were all very friendly (haha) and then ended up a really cool bar called The Catz Pajamas talking to some engineering students about Boston Legal (ha!). It was such a fun night out. After all the media hype about how dangerous it is here, i tend to totally disagree. As long as you're sensible you can meet some really cool, friendly people.

I am now in Cape Town after one more final evening in Joburg at the Fan Fest in Melrose Arch. There was a killer Limbo going on, i may or may not have started it.

Went up to Table Mountain yesterday and picked quite possibly the best day for it. The views were spectacular. I will post photos as soon as i have faster connection speed.

I'm here all week and hope to get the bungy, a shark dive, a trip to Cape Point, The wine region all in before i leave. Oh and check out the markets.

Speak soon....

Oh and i'm heading to the Argentina vs Germany game this weekend! So pumped.


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