Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Durban - Zambia

Hello and welcome back,

Durban finished off pretty quietly, i went to the Wave park and got smashed by numerous waves whilst trying to surf and body board. The guys i was with at the time found it most amusing. Thanks heaps to Pete and Ben for taking pics too. Waiting till i find a place to post photos.

I ended up staying in that night and sleeping. I guess my last week in Sydney just caught up with me. I slept probably 16 hours before gettting up and heading to the airport with Em and Laurelle early Tuesday morning.

Arrived in Joberg... The girls' luggage didn't arrive, it had not made the flight. Ouch, mine did. They just got their bags then (thursday arvo). Anyway we headed to Zambia where i am now and are staying at a pretty cool lodge on the Zambeezi river. Em and I took a helicopter flight over Vic Falls this morning.

I'm going white water rafting and abseiling tomorrow while the girls do an adventure walk with Lions.

We are taking a boat cruise down the river tonight and will be back to watch the Soccer afterwards. Loving the World Cup atmosphere. Met heaps of cool people already.

Gotta run and have some lunch.

P.S Saw Elephants grazing no more than 50 metres from me yesterday. Amazing.

Speak soon


So we made it to Zambia along with my luggage, but not my friends.

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