Monday, June 14, 2010

Joberg - Durban - Demoralising Defeat

I have never seen such a polar opposite reaction on mass until last night. The buzz before the game, mainly created by everybody drinking in the near by casino/beach strip was enormous. The Vuvuzelas (plastic horn) were out in full force, ear plugs were needed for the faint eared. And there was literally a sea of green and gold walking up to the Moses Mabhida (Durban Soccer Stadium), thanks to the South African supporters proudly wearing their national colours as well. There was chanting and singing until early on in the first half when Germany scored their first of four goals. Our best player was unjustly red carded and we looked old and tired for the majority of the match. The sight after the game was a very sad one. Australian supporters moped home like they were school children who had just been told Santa wasn't real . Not even the German supporters were celebrating. One bloke said to me, "I'm sorry".

Well enough of the football, it is bringing a tear to my eye just thinking about it. The flight from Sydney to Joberg was your usual long flight, a couple of movies and a few beers and plenty of sleep. I watched Invictus which is bloody brilliant, Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman are superb. And i also watched aussie Rom/Com "I Love You Too". Pretty good.

So, flew into Durban straight away (nearly missed the connecting flight after not being able to find my luggage) and when i arrived i noticed my padlock was missing from my luggage. They must have cut it open. Weird. My friends Em and Laurelle picked me up in a taxi and we went straight to the pub (after a quick shower and bag drop off at B and B) to watch the England v USA match. Best headline from the world Cup so far... "Hand Of Clod" referring to the England goal keeper Green. Ouch, The Sun can be nasty in London.

I am planning on going to this indoor Wave Park today and then to the markets along the beach and then to the Fan Fest (Massive screens and stages to watch the Football) of which their are two here.

Weather and surroundings are very similar to Sunshine Coast QLD. The B and B which we are staying at is brilliant. The service is great and the omlettes, deelish!

Must run...

Go Hawks!

Hopefully the Socceroos are just leading the other teams into a false sense of security. Hopefully.


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