Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 More Sleeps

Ok, This is just a trial Blog... It's been a while...

I am two sleeps away from embarking on one of the most cracking holidays of all time... Well, i reckon it's pretty good. Heading to South Africa for the World Cup, going to be taking in some of the sights while i'm there as well... Going on Safari at Kruger National Park, heading to Zimbabwe to white water raft the rapids and there could quite possibly be some bungee and cage diving in Cape Town.

Then off to London, New York and LA... Well it has been two years since i've been away, thought i'd make a real go of it.

Keep you posted with blogs and pics... if i can't do a big one i'll just tweet.


Come on Aussie! Come on!

I think we've got a real chance of making the next round. If we finish 2nd in this group and England finish on top of theirs. We'll be playing England!!!

Speak soon

I need to get to bed... Night.


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  2. Hey Rob ,

    Just wanted to leave you your first comment on
    here and to let you know your blog page looks good .

    Wishing you a Happy and Safe Holiday .
    can't wait to read about your travels .

    Cheers Nikki .