Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cape Town

Well, It's been a while and i apologise for my absence on Twitter as well. It seems it would've been best for me to take my iphone all along. There is so much free Wi-fi here in London.

Let me start by saying that Cape Town is one most beautiful city i have ever been. I should also point out that it's still quite a poor city once you get outside the main parts. However, it has a great layout and everything is very easily accessible. I spent my remaining time in Cape Town doing a bit of sight seeing on the Hop On Hop Off bus which was cool. Checked out the markets and the District 6 museum. I still can't believe that happened. They just took people out of their homes and moved them to these Townships! Check out the movie District 9 by Peter Jackson, it pretty much sums it up.

I was lucky enough to have met a cool guy called Dan who worked on SEN and we had dinner with one of my favourite commentators/journalists Francis Leach. That guy has a super brain and is an absolute champion. Thanks Dan.

Took an afternoon drive up to the Stellenbosch region and went to Ernie Ells' Winery. Some very tasty wine and quite the spectacular view. We ended up heading to a food and wine festival which was a bit naff, they were teaching oldies how to latin dance on the main stage, which was hilarious. However the food was delicious and so was the boutique wine.

Ended up going to a few different night clubs with some Aussie boys i had met in Nelspruit. One of them had a full Cirq show, acrobats, fire breathers and almost burlesque type stuff. It was quite a cool club. I even saw Mick Jagger watchin the show from the balcony above. Big shout out to the "Frothing Team" for putting me up in their apartment. And also a big thanks for sending my camera over to London, i thought i had lost it for good.

Oh, i also went Shark Diving with a few of the lads. It was a long cold tiring drive up the coast, but we managed to get there, even with a few a misdirections. haha, thanks Spud. We saw 5 sharks that morning as we were hanging from the cage, pushing our bodies under the water. Man they are the scariest creatures i have ever seen.

I met a cool chick who took me down south to see the penguins and check out the amazing coast line of Cape Point. I literally sat on a rock talking to a penguin. So cool. I will post some photos so you can see just how beautiful the coast road is. Thanks Gabbs for the day trip.

The Cape Town stadium was a buzz, as were the streets, for the Germany vs Argentina match. It was hectic how many people were walking to the stadium. It was a full street parade and then everybody just sort of followed along. I had the best time at the game. I kept getting texts from my German mate who was understandably over the moon with his teams performance. They won 4-0! That means i saw the Germans score 8 goals live! That's more than the Aussie's scored in the last two world cups! Almost.

Gotta run, but more to come soon... London to Scotland and back, Les Mis, Tap Dogs and the movie Get Him To The Greek.


P.S Just wanted to say thanks heaps to Jase and all his mates for an awesome World Cup experience. It was one of the best times of my life. Hopefully i will be seeing you all in BRAZIL 2014!

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